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School of Commerce and Management

The Department of Commerce was established in 1956, under the act of Government of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the oldest department of the University. The vision of the department is to emerge as luminary in the global commerce domain by pursuing excellence in commerce education, equipping the students with knowledge and skills, creating an environment to realize their fullest and utmost potential and shape them into promising citizens of the nation. The department strives to offer high quality professional education and training to create highly competent academicians, enthusiastic researchers, sharp administrators and intelligent and smart business professionals to hold the contemporary needs of a dynamic society. At present department is offering admission to 4 year UG program under NEP 2020 with multi exit and multi-entry options, two year PG program with CBCS system and one year PG Diploma in GST.

The department with its continuous nurturing gave another branch of relevant knowledge department of business administration which later emerged as department of business management is second department under the ages of School of Commerce and Management (SCM).

The growth and development of this department emerged on a magnificent platform by its hard working faculty members who have adopted out of box thinking and dedication towards the University as well as the department.


The mission of our department is to:

To communicate all-inclusive education using state of the art technology and set-up leading to the development of qualified professionals

To develop a team of skilled and qualified faculty/scholar/entrepreneur

To explore training and development opportunities

To involve in projects leading to high-quality research

To continuously evaluate our performance touching suitable benchmarks

To continuously develop new programs, global MoUs to meet investor necessities

To influence on multiple disciplines available across the university leading to consultancy projects

Provide higher level education options, better career guidance and skill development opportunities to the students.


The department of Commerce is dedicated to integrate all facets of commerce like generating, advancing and disseminating knowledge, serve and build value to develop the society and industry through research, entrepreneurship and outreach activities.

Trust Areas

  • The thrust areas of research studies in the department of commerce are based on Trade and Exchange, Banking and insurance, Human Resource Development and Management, Finance, Small Business Management, Marketing Management, Industrial Relations, Tourism and Transport Management, Computer Application/Digital Marketing in Business, Supply Chain and Retail Management, Rural Development and other cutting edge topics.




Department of Commerce has a dynamic research culture. Some of our research related activities are mentioned as follows: 70% faculties of our department holds Ph.D. degree from prestigious Universities across the country. Faculties are actively involved in research paper publication, Minor and Major Research Projects, Filing Patents etc. The University administration also encourages faculty members to pursue post-doctoral fellowships and other career advancement programs from different institutions. Faculty exchange programs/Faculty Development Programme with partner Universities across the world is a salient feature which provides international exposure to our teachers. An International/National Conference will be organized every year in collaboration with available organization which will be attended by academicians, experts and professionals from diverse areas.




The Department of Commerce provides many career opportunities in the field of Accounting, Banking and Insurance, Management, Trade, Corporate Sector, Tourism and Transport Management and Entrepreneurship sector.

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