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The Department Of Economics Was Established In 2017. Since then the department has grown manifolds. Being the department of national repute and integral part of internationally acclaimed educational institution (Pandit S.N. Shukla University, Shahdol M.P.) the department of Economics admits students to its programs of studies – Graduate, post graduate and Ph.D. from all over the country. Most of the Enrolled students belong to marginalized and economics weaker sections and backward areas.

The department is housed in a splendid; disable friendly building having elaborate infrastructural facilities consisting of 01 national seminar on central budget and 01 divisional level seminar on state budget of MP theatres, well –furnished library with about 200 books, computers with LAN/Wi-Fi facilities, separate seating space for all faculty members. The department frequently invites distinguished scholars as member of Board of studies, for delivering extramural lectures participation in seminars workshops and orientation programs. Some of the renowned scholars who visited the department.

All faculty members, irrespective of their status, equally participate in academic programs and administrative work through a system of consultation and committees. Apart from regular teaching and supervising Ph.D. Scholars, all teachers are constantly engaged in research activities, Resulting in publication of large number of monograph, articles’ and reports in different fields of economics. Major area of teaching and research are rural economy, tribal economy, environmental studies, agricultural economy forest produce. The department has produce innumerable scholars’, administrates and professional


The mission of our department is to:

To provide quality interdisciplinary education and training through fieldwork, writings, discussions and research.

To focus on areas relevant to the empowerment of marginalized communities, Tribal Study, problems ofsociety, globalization, development and fostering of inclusive economy.

To prepare students for bringing about transformative change in self helps groups, and communities through knowledge of economics forces and humanistic values.


The broad vision of Economics Department is to be an institution in dynamic equilibrium with its economic and social environment striving continuously for excellence in social science research to serve as a valuable resource for economy and contribute to the nation’s development.

Trust Areas

The Economics Department envisioned its research with this realization and also embarked upon strategic extension, field action and advocacy through sensitizing, training and capacity building of the grassroots functionaries of decentralized governance. With the aim of converging excellence with relevance the research undertaken by the economics Department could be categorized in the following thrust areas.

  • Economic development
  • Tribal economy
  • Rural economy
  • MSME
  • Skill development
  • Industrial development & Environmental Issues
  • Information Technology and economic growth




The basic aim of Economics Department is thus to engage in cutting edge research on relevant multi disciplinary contemporary issues and the research findings for the enhancement of the existing knowledge and for the well being of the society through policy input Production of knowledge that facilitates economic transformation is the primary concern of economics Department. Disillusionment with development paradigms and failure of empowerment and inclusion policies led the economics Department towards diversifying its activities over the years, from decentralized governance, to economic justice, tribal’s in modern world, poverty alleviation and rural development, food security and agrarian policies




A career in sociology entails professional avenues where the study of different demography, the effects of various policies is important. The skills and knowledge acquired in economy are also applied in tackling many administrative challenges that shape a economy. So if you wish to make a positive impact on improving your economy, studying economics is ideal for Student.

    Economics, as a subject, has a broad spectrum of topics.
    These include:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Rural Economy
  • Demography
  • Forest produce
  • Role of Skill development
  • Role of MSME
  • Criminology,
  • Causes of inequality,
  • Mass attitude development, etc.

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