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School of Biological Science

Department of Fishery Science is an applied branch of traditional Zoological science under Faculty of Biosciences. In the present age of unemployment it provides a variety of scopes of self employment as well as job opportunities. It has got its existence in this institution since last ten years but an independent status as University Teaching Department (UTD) has been attained from 2017. The department runs both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs for the Fishery Science students. Above all, the department is getting approval as a research center for Ph.D. programs from this year (2023).

The department of Fishery Science has initiated variety of extension activities like field work, visit to nationally recognized well equipped labs of various institutions of both national and international repute like CIFE, CIFRI etc., which will certainly open the eyes of our students in the world of different avenues. The department has sent the proposal to National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad for establishing BIOFLOC labs for the students. Besides, the department is also planned to have different ponds for Pisciculture practices and Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) also.


To build Job Provider youths even in limited resources


To make youths skillfull

Trust Areas

Followings are the major thrust areas-

  • Aquaculture
  • Fish anatomy
  • Fish pathology
  • Fish toxicology
  • Fish culture, i.e. Freshwater fisheries, Marine fisheries, Coastal fisheries, Estuarine fisheries, Cold water fisheries etc.
  • Fish Marketing
  • Fish co-operatives
  • Fish transport
  • Fish bye products




Department of Fishery Science provides a lot of research opportunities in the field of Biological Sciences. Fishes have been proved as a most suitable substance for undergoing research work as well as for arriving better results. Enormous works in the different parts of fishes have been done, not only by the students of Fishery sciences but also the research scholars of Zoological sciences, as it is the largest group of chordate having more than 25000 of fish species.




The subject i.e. Fishery Science has a multidimensional scopes for young aspiring students. It opens different avenues for the youths to establish self employment rather to move for jobs around the globe. As we know that jobs are limited, but the large number of youths are waiting for jobs. In this serious circumstance it would never be possible to accommodate all aspiring youths by providing jobs. The trained as well as skilled youths can develop their own enterprise and will be Job Provider than Job Seeker.

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