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The Department of Hindi was established in the University in 1956 under the Government College Shahdol, at present being the best center of the division for Hindi education, the students from the remote areas of the division and the nearest districts take admission in the department for studies. Currently in the department B.A. / M.A. Classes are being conducted and Ph.D. Researchers are doing research work for the degree. At present, the Department of Hindi is functioning as a research center in the old campus of the University.

Under the New Education Policy 2020, the curriculum was implemented in the BA first and second year students of the department, due to which there has been a positive impact on the academic quality of the students.


To provide access to quality education and excellence through rigorous efforts of critical thinking, collaborative research, and knowledge creation of global standards in a cooperative ambiance founded on Indian wisdom and values, transforming India into a developed nation".


To produce such professionals who have global competence, vision, and skills as are necessary to meet the challenges of emerging global knowledge economy, by the power of innovation, creativity and efficient learning ability.

Trust Areas

  • Modern Hindi Literature
  • Medieval Hindi Literature
  • Functional Hindi and Translation
  • Comparative Literature




Research is about innovation; it is the way in which knowledge is pursued, developed and created, and the process of discovery itself enables the researcher to develop a deeper understanding of a particular area as well as contributing to a broader understanding of issues of relevance in our world. Different opportunities exist to engage in research over the course of the academic year and during the summer. Below are a few contexts in which you can think about research.

  • Modern Hindi Literature
  • Courses that include research as part of their curriculum
  • Independent study with a specific faculty member that focuses on a particular research topic or question
  • Senior thesis research
  • Research and teaching assistantships
  • Conference attendance
  • Research internships




Hindi has been an integral part of Indian tradition. It is among the 22 official languages of India and is used in official communication in parliamentary, judicial and government institutions. The beauty of Hindi lies in its simplicity and elegance. Acclaimed writers such as Munshi Premchandra, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, among others, have enriched the Hindi tradition through soulful compositions. In contrast, many young writers like Satya Vyas, Manav Kaul has attracted the interest of the youth of the country towards Hindi. Hindi is among the 3rd most spoken languages globally, with about 425 million people who recognise it as their first language and an additional 120 million who speak Hindi as a second.

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