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Zoology is the branch of Biology concerned with the study animals and animal kingdom. It also known as animal biology. The study of zoology includes the interaction of animal kingdom in their ecosystem. It is the scientific study related to the entire species of the animal kingdom.

The department of Zoology at pt. S.N. Shukla University is as old as the institute itself. Its impact on the institute and on society is easily demonstrated by noting the alignment of the department’s evolution with key events and academic advances in the university. Today the department of Zoology of pt. S.N. Shukla University attracts and features an extraordinary rich diversity and quantity of talented individuals. More than 40 scholars have awarded Ph.D. degree and 20 M. Phil. degree by the department. The impressive array of students makes the department as one of the largest in university.

The department provides the broad knowledge base required for students in present global application scenario. It takes maximum advantage of the latest technologies to enrich the learners with updated and advanced know-how of modern technology. The main focus is concentrating on the significant modern developments in the application of zoological field.


We envision our status to be a unique department of higher learning that offers quality education at an affordable cost in an inclusive manner, in the post-graduate and research level while importing training in Zoology from time, to the students as well, thus helping the students to be up to date and job-worthy.

We hope to achieve this by producing quality zoologicalresearch providing teaching and Extension services; upgrading the curriculum continuously; providing facilities for faculty development and helping the development of zoology faculty of other higher educational institutions by short term training programs, workshops seminars and lectures.

Providing high quality graduate andpost graduate programs of study a wide spectrum of courses which attract the best students and cater to the zoological needs of the university and colleges.


Striving to provide excellent teaching, research in the department.

Involving graduates who have higher thinking and an aptitude for scientific research in frontier areas of zoology and offering guidance up to doctoral level so as to support its own and other academic programs of the university.

Offering rigorous training to students so as to enable them to pursue higher studies of take up jobs such as ecotoxicologist, teacher. Scientific event coordinators, technician, Scientist, clinical research etc.

Trust Areas

  • Ichthyology ,fish biology , fish nutrition), Limnology, Animal biology, Endocrinology, Ecology, Taxonomy, Aquaculture, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Toxicology and Natural resources and conservation.




Zoology is the study of the animal kingdom that involves the anatomy, classification, physiology, characteristics, and evolution of all living and extinct animals. Hence , there is a lot of scope in the field of Zoology around the globe. Our department covers a wide range of research areas encompassing the broad goal of understanding the diversity of animal life. These approaches range from cellular processes through to behavioral studies of wild populations. The unifying theme is evolution, the single process that underlies all of the diversity of life. They can work as animal behaviorist, conservationist, wildlife biologists, Zoo curators, wildlife educators, Zoology faculty, Forensic expert, lab technicians, and Veterinarians.

Research in the department of Zoology is broadly based around six themes, which span all levels of the study of animal life, from cellular and molecular biology to whole organism topics in behavioural ecology and conservation.




Working in zoology is an appealing career choice for those with an interest in animals and wildlife. There are various career options candidates may choose from after completing their education in zoology. Knowing about some of these career possibilities can help you decide which one is suitable for you. In this article, we discuss 14 job opportunities in zoology and provide details about their average salaries and primary duties to help you decide on a career path.

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